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Unbelievable by F. Michael Shields and Bascom Jones, Jr. Unbelievable
by F. Michael Shields
and Bascom Jones, Jr.

A billion-to-one psychic miracle using a regular deck of cards! A reputation maker, yet easy to perform.

A deck of cards is legitimately riffle shuffled and cut. A spectator selects any two suits, say Spades and Diamonds. These two suits are removed from the pack and given to the spectator. The performer takes the other two suits not chosen. The spectator deals a card face down. The performer places a card face up on this card. This is repeated. Variety is added by the performer dealing a card face down and spectator covers this card with one of his cards face-up.

When all cards are dealt to the table in 26 piles, the performer explains the percentages of getting one, two, or three pairs. When three sets of cards are turned up, it is seen that they are matching color pairs, identical in value. This strikes the audience as amazing, but when ALL the cards are turned face up in sets, every card in the deck is paired. Imagine 26 pairs!

It's a most extraordinary and baffling card mystery. No moves no skill use any cards.

Best of all, only in this new, revised edition, is a method to accomplish this miracle with a BORROWED deck. This is a psychic masterpiece that you will put to use immediately.

"'Unbelievable' is, for my money, the best to come out in many a sun and moon. I unhesitatingly recommend it."
          --George McAthy, TOPS magazine

"When a layman sees the 52 pasteboards match up in pairs (AD and AH, 5C and 5S, etc.) after he has shuffled and cut the deck, bulging eyes are in order. A fine, practically automatic opener to a series of card tricks. Recommended."
          --J. G. Thompson, Jr. in The Linking Ring

"The name aptly describes the effect, which I regularly use as a poker demonstration."
          --Wm. Larsen, Sr. in Genii magazine

"Really unbelievable and different. A most uncanny, miracle effect."
          --Mike Kanter

Magic World revised and updated edition includes six new chapters and additional content.

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