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Tricks with Hares by U. F. Grant and Don Tanner Tricks with Hares
by U. F. Grant
and Don Tanner

So you want to produce a rabbit the easy way? Here are a half dozen of the best methods ever developed, including two that the authors reveal for the first time.

Ask a spectator to name one of the most classic effects in all of magic and chances are, they’ll say it's pulling a rabbit out of a hat.

This trick has been associated with our Art for more than a hundred years, but it's rarely performed today. And that’s a shame, since young or old, your audience will go wild at the sight of a magically produced bunny.

Now you, too, can make a name for yourself and get a jump on the local competition by introducing an effect with a hare in your own act. It makes an ideal closer, especially for children's shows, since the kids will all want to be introduced to your furry sidekick after the performance.

Partial contents:

  • Effective Advertising
  • Cards and Tray
  • Rabbit from Streamers
  • Top Hat Method
  • Clean Cut Method
  • Drawer Box Method
  • Rabbit Scoop
  • Easter Egg Method
  • Assistant Load

"Best methods for producing a rabbit, none requiring special boxes, etc." (Mitchell Kanter)

"If you aren't familiar with 'Gen' Grant and his writings and tricks, then you just aren't too interested in magic." (Eddie Clever)

Magic World revised and updated edition includes two new chapters and five added illustrations.

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