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Tricks for Television by William Larsen, Sr.Tricks for Television
by Wm. W. Larsen, Sr.

Learn WHAT and WHAT NOT to do when presenting magic for a TV audience. In no other field is it as easy to go wrong, or as easy to do right-—IF you're prepared with the proper information.

Discover why these tricks are not good for television broadcasts: Twentieth Century Silks, Sucker Sliding Die Box, Zombie, Sympathetic Silks, Gloves to Dove, Cigarette Manipulations.

Do you know the answers to why the above -- and scores more like them -- are so often performed poorly on TV? If not, you need this book, which gives you all the answers.

Written by a former television artist, TRICKS FOR TELEVISION not only tells you what tricks to use on TV, but also which ones to leave out of your video routine.

Also gives you valuable advice as to what to wear, proper makeup, speech and patter suggestions, and tips on music. In other words, how to look your best, act your best and do your best in making a video appearance.

This book further discusses valuable television promotional ideas for magicians. Tells you how to get tie-ins with the local press, how to stage your own television publicity contests, how to connect with various commercial advertising campaigns and Larsen's own weekly "Magical Sportscaster" TV segment.

Formerly sold for the equivalent of $21.50 when first introduced. Now available in this updated edition at a price every magician can afford.

"If you're going to do TV work, the price paid is well invested. In fact, it's almost a necessity." (John J. Crimmins)

PDF format. 27 pages + supplement. Revised and updated reprint of the 1949 Thayer first edition. Includes three new chapters. ($6 US)

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