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Top Secret by U. F. Grant and T. A. Whitney Top Secret
U. F. Grant and T. A. Whitney

Here's a no-fail method of predicting the headlines of five newspaper stories—a week in advance—without assistants, stooges, impressions, switches or gimmicked envelopes!

Want to feature a headline prediction in your act, but you don't own a prediction chest or other apparatus? Well, now you can, with this updated version of this near-impossible to find U. F. Grant creation.

Only in this updated version will you learn ways to improve the handling, add prestige to the mailing, and secure more publicity with the effect. And we've eliminated any old-fashioned ruses, leaving you with what could be the perfect advance newspaper prediction method.

YES, the predicted stories may be selected in advance by the performer, to ensure they are "buzz-worthy."

YES, the newspaper is from a major metropolitan city.

YES, only one envelope is mailed.

YES, the same, mailed envelope is the one opened during the performance.

YES, you may use tracking (and pass this information on to the recipient) to ensure that each step of the routing and delivery can be verified.

YES, not one, not two, but FIVE predictions can be made from the same paper and EACH ONE is correct!

YES, you can and should feature this in your act!

NO, there is no one ahead or other subtlety involved.

NO, there are no assistants required. This is a ONE MAN effect.

NO, you do not need to have one or more friends in the publishing business.

NO, there are no impression devices used. The recipient need only supply his or her name and mailing address.

NO, there is no switching of predictions.

NO, there is no sleight of hand involved.

If you've always wanted to do predictions, but haven't been able to find a sure and safe method that's suited to your style of working, this is for you."
—From the Introduction by U. F. Grant

Revised edition features four new chapters, six new sections, and scores of edits and updates.

This book is offered in both digital and print editions.
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