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Thimble Thimon by Chester DobskiThimble Thimon
by Chester Dobski

If you've ever thought of presenting magic with thimbles, this is the book for you. Chock full of sleights, flourishes, manipulations, routines and ideas you'll want to add to your act.

Magic with thimbles is something that many of today's audiences haven't had the pleasure of seeing, which makes it new and different to them.

As thimbles are small and portable, they can easily be carried in a pocket or purse, always ready to amuse and amaze, wherever you might be.

Partial contents:

  • Introduction
  • Foreword
  • The Multiplying Thimbles
  • Miracle Penetration
  • One Hand Visible Penetration
  • Instantaneous Penetration
  • Instantaneous Penetration
  • Miracle Vanish
  • Simplex Vanish
  • Patriotic Thimbles
  • Thimbles to Flag
  • Thimble to Cigarette
  • Passe Passe Thimbles
  • A Juggling Thimble Catch
  • Thimble to Sponge
  • Thimble Through Thimble
  • Crushed and Restored Thimble
  • Bent Thimble
  • Vanish in Hank
  • Flourish No. 1
  • Flourish No. 2
  • Flourish No. 3
  • One Hand Color Change
  • Flash Thimble Production
  • Thimble Vanish
  • Devilís Thimble
  • One Hand Color Change
  • Ideas

"A variety of tips, tricks and routines with thimbles. The thimble flinger will be sure to find something a little different among such a collection."   --Sid Lorraine

"Vanishes, penetrations, color changes, multiplying thimbles, flash productions, and passe-passe effects all vie with each other for your attention. The material is smartly routined in such effects as the multiplying thimbles. Obviously the book has been written by one who knows his way around in the manipulative field."   --John J. Crimmins

Magic World revised edition features a new chapter plus additional new content.

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