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The Only Six Ways to Restore A Rope by Dariel FitzkeeThe Only Six Ways to Restore A Rope
by Dariel Fitzkee

Create your own custom versions of the popular cut and restored rope effect!

Dariel Fitzkee applied his world-renowned "Trick Brain" method to completely analyze and dissemble the Cut and Restored Rope effect into its basic components.

Fitzkee's patient explanations and diagrams examine the six basic principles of all rope, cord and string effects, allowing the clever performer to pick and choose the methods that best fit his or her performing style to develop diabolically clever and unique rope routines.

Along the way, you'll learn the secrets to several past and present commercial rope effects that would cost several times the price of the book, if purchased individually.

Best yet, the author starts from scratch with a method to randomly select various principles explained throughout the book, assembling them into a brand-new routine. You can do the same, once you've digested the contents of this informative and well-illustrated book.


  • Preface

  • Chapter One
    • The Absolute Necessities
    • The Trick Itself
    • The Basic Methods
    • The Rope

  • Chapter Two
    • The Figure Eight
    • The False Knot
    • False Knot Resulting in a Sliding Knot
    • Dr. Ervin's Variation of the Figure Eight
    • Fitzkee Variation of the Figure Eight
    • Turban Trick Method
    • The Ervin Trip Loop
    • Quadruple Cut with the Ervin Trip Loop
    • Repeated Cuts with a Sliding Knot to Disguise the Ends
    • "You Do As I Do" Routine Based on the Interlocked Loop
    • The Wright-Larsen "Many-Cut" Principle

  • Chapter Three
    • Methods of Joining the Ends
    • A Rope Trick with the Germain Principle
    • Tarbell Addition to the Germain Principle
    • To Start with a Straight Length
    • Grant's Improvement
    • Zenith Rope Trick

  • Chapter Four
    • The Phenomenal Rope Trick
    • Cutting the Core
    • Wright & Larsen's Jumping Rope
    • Wizzo
    • Devil's Pillars
    • Grant's Stage Method
    • Malini's String Trick

  • Chapter Five
    • The Kellar String Trick
    • "Slow Motion" Method

  • Chapter Six
    • Apparatus for Exchanging
    • The Pocket Exchange
    • Thumb Tip Exchange
    • An Exchanging Reel

  • Chapter Seven
    • Alagen Rope

  • Chapter Eight
    • Inventing New Effects
    • The Three-in-One Rope Trick
    • The Die-Cast Rope Trick
    • The Secret Weapon: You-Do-As-I-Do

  • About the Author

"Clearly written ... exceptionally well illustrated. Mr. Fitzkee is to be congratulated upon the publication of so good a book at so reasonable a price."

(--Paul Walker Fleming in The Fleming Book Reviews)

PDF format. 80 pages + supplement. Magic World updated and enlarged edition of the 1944 first edition. 140 illustrations. (Note: This title was also reprinted as Rope Eternal in 1957.) ($4 US)

The Only Six Ways to Restore A Rope is now available for purchase at


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