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The Wave of the Hand by J. Stewart SmithThe Wave of the Hand
J. Stewart Smith

J. Stewart Smith's third book on card magic, containing six more card masterpieces.

Like his previous releases, all the work is accomplished without knuckle-busting sleight of hand. Only a few simple moves are necessary, easily within the grasp of the average magician.

Our Cards - False Cut - Ascent of the Black Fours - A Restoration - Triple Alliance - The Four Aces - Double Cut - A Prediction

Card workers the world over praise his beautiful effects and their methods.

See below for a few brief quotes from experts in the field.

"The author has attempted to approach as closely as possible to perfect magic. I recommend it." (John Braun)

"Card magic with a minimum of manipulation, with all extraneous actions sheared away." (Milbourne Christopher)

"It is hard to pick one trick as the best but, if pressed, would cast our vote for the final effect, "A Prediction." But all are good and will appeal especially to readers of his first two books, who know how direct is Stewart's presentation." (Sam Aaronson)

"Principles are cleverly concealed; climaxes are excellent." (Herman Hanson)

Magic World expanded reprint of the 1960 first, limited edition. Includes two new chapters and important edits and updates; completely reset in new type.

This book is offered in both digital and print editions.
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