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The Open Book by J.H. Johnson (edited by B.W. McCarron) The Open Book
by J.H. Johnson

This is the book that TELLS the TRUTH about CARDS, DICE, PUNCH BOARDS, GAMBLING WHEELS, RACES, and all other kinds of GAMBLING.

Don't be a sucker! THE OPEN BOOK reveals how crooked gamblers, cheats, and con artists fleece the innocent and unwary public out of THOUSANDS of dollars daily. Even that carnival game at the local fairgrounds may not be as innocent as it looks. Get the inside scoop!

Valuable secrets of marked cards, gaffed dice, ink formulas, holdouts and other cheating devices -- all clearly explained. Also included are scams and cons used by the unscrupulous to bilk the unwary. True stories ripped from the headlines, as well as tales from grifters past and present, all make THE OPEN BOOK a fascinating read.

Robert A. Nelson fans will be pleased to note that this book was sold as item number B660 in the Nelson Enterprises catalogs. So if you're a Nelson collector, gambler, magician, or simply a person who loves a good yarn, you're sure to find something you like in THE OPEN BOOK.

This amazing volume has been completely reset in new type, with Foreword and editing by B.W. McCarron (author of The Gambling Magician). This is the GREATEST book ever written on the PSYCHOLOGICAL games that cheaters use to get INSIDE THE HEADS of their victims. Read, learn, and protect yourself AND your hard-earned cash.

Original copies fetch upwards of $200 when they surface at auction. Now you can own this valuable and hard to find book as a convenient eBook.

PDF format. 171 pages. Originally published in 1927. First eBook edition 2016. $12 US.

The Open Book is now available for purchase at


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