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The Miser's Miracle by Jerry AndrusThe Miser's Miracle
by Jerry Andrus

A brilliant close-up miracle with playing cards and coins.

This beautiful routine involves the repeated production of silver dollars from between two playing cards; the production of yet another silver dollar from between two halves of a card; and a final, startling production of yet another dollar from between two torn quarters of a card.

"To the onlookers it appears impossible. There is obviously no use of gimmicks and so forth. For the comparatively small effort put into mastering it, I know of no other effect that will be so rewarding or well received. And above all, it is entertaining and bewildering." (Dai Vernon)

"Truly a miracle to watch." (Lloyd E. Jones)

"We saw Jerry do it and fell in love with the routine. Excellent!" (Ed Mishell)

"Looks impossible at every stage, [yet] no impossible sleights: just routine and handling!" (John Braun)

Revised edition features two new chapters.

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