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The Dead Do Not Talk by Julien J. ProskauerThe Dead Do Not Talk
by Julien J. Proskauer

Here are more inside secrets of the fake mediums, in this tell-all book for psychic entertainers, ghost hunters and anyone who's curious to learn the scams of the fraudulent spirit worker.

Picking up where Proskauer's Spook Crooks! leaves off, here are 200-plus more pages ripped from the case files of Harry Houdini and the author, from their tireless search for the truth about séance mediums.

You'll learn about the investigation of so-called haunted houses, the secret of an ingenious perpetual motion machine, the spirit post office scam, and how to trap and expose spirit mediums.

The mail-order psychic business is also explained, as is the war dead photo scam, making money with apports (materialized objects), psychic revelations, and so much more.

One chapter, "Working a Hostile Town," contains so much inside information about how phony psychics can set up shop, even when psychic readings are supposedly against the law, that it alone is worth double the price of the book.

If you've ever entertained the idea of presenting a lecture — or an entire act — based on how the public can avoid the traps and pitfalls of the phony spirit medium racket, then this book gives you more than enough material to establish your bona fides as an expert in the field. It's also a most entertaining book, in its own right!

"The book covers the subject thoroughly and well." --Dariel Fitzkee

"You could use this book almost intact to play hundred dollar lecture dates, if you were enough of a heel to steal another guy's material. It's really good stuff." --George B. Anderson

PDF format. Revised and expanded version, includes important edits and updates, as well as new content. 204 pages + supplement. ($8 US)

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