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Thayer's Vanish of a Girl by William Larsen, Sr. and Ormond McGillThayer's Vanish of a Girl
by Wm. W. Larsen, Sr. &
Ormond McGill

With this method, you can cause a girl to vanish from a nightclub floor. An illusion deemed impossible -- made possible at last!

When this was first introduced, Thayer claimed it was the dream of every magician. We agree. It seems impossible.

Perform it on a regular nightclub floor. No stage traps, wings, flies or other conveniences that you'd find in a theater environment. That's what makes this illusion seem so utterly convincing.

You even invite a committee of spectators (not stooges) to supervise and ensure that all's fair.

The girl enters a box, sitting atop a four-legged table. The box is lifted from the table and falls to the floor, completely flattened. The girl is gone! Spectators look under (or even crawl underneath) the table -- there's nothing to find! It's as if the girl suddenly dematerialized into thin air!

Build it yourself from this manuscript of plans--using ordinary home workshop tools. Or have a cabinet maker or handyman friend build it for you. No mirrors, black art or other overused methods.

Formerly sold for the equivalent of $15 when first introduced. Now available in this updated edition at a price every magician can afford.

For the spook show performer, you can also use this method to make a "ghost" or "spirit" vanish from a casino or nightclub floor. Can also be worked on stage.

"A miracle vanish." (John Braun in the Linking Ring)

PDF format. 21 pages + supplement. Revised and updated reprint of the 1944 Thayer first edition. Includes two new chapters and three added illustrations. ($6 US)

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