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Thayer's Vanish of a Girl by William Larsen, Sr. and Ormond McGillThayer's Vanish of a Girl
by Wm. W. Larsen, Sr. &
Ormond McGill

With this method, you can cause a girl to vanish from a nightclub floor. An illusion deemed impossible -- made possible at last!

When this was first introduced, Thayer claimed it was the dream of every magician. We agree. It seems impossible.

Perform it on a regular nightclub floor. No stage traps, wings, flies or other conveniences that you'd find in a theater environment. That's what makes this illusion seem so utterly convincing.

You even invite a committee of spectators (not stooges) to supervise and ensure that all's fair.

The girl enters a box, sitting atop a four-legged table. The box is lifted from the table and falls to the floor, completely flattened. The girl is gone! Spectators look under (or even crawl underneath) the table -- there's nothing to find! It's as if the girl suddenly dematerialized into thin air!

Build it yourself from this manuscript of plans--using ordinary home workshop tools. Or have a cabinet maker or handyman friend build it for you. No mirrors, black art or other overused methods.

Formerly sold for the equivalent of $15 when first introduced. Now available in this updated edition at a price every magician can afford.

For the spook show performer, you can also use this method to make a "ghost" or "spirit" vanish from a casino or nightclub floor. Can also be worked on stage.

"A miracle vanish." (John Braun in the Linking Ring)

Magic World Publishers revised edition with two new chapters and three added illustrations.

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