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Thayer's Twelve Illusionettes by William W. LarsenThayer's Twelve Illusionettes
by William W. Larsen

A collection of twelve simple, effective illusionettes.

Included are "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall," "At Midnight," "Shrine of Buddha," "Lady and the Fan," "Man from Mars," "Where Did That Girl Go?", "Dressing Milady," "Time with a Girl," "Production of a Starlet," "Strip Tease," "A Pearl and a Girl," and "The Girl and the Gorilla."

These are modern, up-to-date illusions. Everything is light weight and requires little construction work. What there is is very simple and can be much less expensive than buying it from a dealer.

Add a couple of these stage effects to your present show for flash and color. In most cases you could carry two or three—yes, even four, of them in your family car.

Great for ghost and spook show performers, too!

Magic World revised edition features two new chapters, plus added illustrations and several edits, performance notes and updates.

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