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Annemann's Test of the Tiber : Complete by Theo Annemann Annemann's Test of the Tiber : Complete
by Theo Annemann

Annemann's sensational mentalism miracle book test.

Borrow a local telephone directory. Directory and slip of paper handed to any spectator — the paper is initialed by spectator. Paper now handed to a different spectator who writes any number within the limits of the pages in the directory. A third person takes the slip, adds another number and gives the paper directly to the spectator with the directory, who acknowledges his initials and opens the book at the page given and counts to the name at the number given by second person.

Despite the random actions by two independent spectators, and the borrowed phone book, the performer now reveals the correct name and phone number, as selected, from among the thousands of names printed in the book!

There's nothing to memorize. No stooges or secret assistants. And yes, it's a one-man effect. No tricked phone directory, either. We should also mention that no electronics are used, either.

If you live in a small town, use the phone book from the biggest city in the state for even more impact.

Now for the "Complete" part of the title... Originally, this was released by Annemann as a one-page manuscript for more than $22.00 (in today's money). Some years later, Annemann revealed even more of the method to another dealer. This new edition combines both, plus gives a patter presentation, too!


"'Test of the Tiber' had as much to do with Annemann’s fame as a performer as any other single item [in his program]." (Max Holden)

"A miracle, without stooges." (Mike Kanter)

"Warrants a place in your mental program." (Robert A. Nelson)

Are you a Nelson collector? This title was listed as No. 187 in the Nelson Enterprises Catalog.

Revised edition includes three additional chapters. No phone directory supplied.

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