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Telepathy in Action (Revised Edition) by Orville MeyerTelepathy in Action
by Orville Meyer

An incredible demonstration of suggestion and apparent psychic ability. One of the strongest routines you can perform.

ONCE IN A LIFETIME do you find an idea so startling, so different, and one that can make a reputation for you.

IMAGINE: An entire stage or floor show act ... with no equipment ... no stooges or confederates ... no advance preparation ... no special skills ... little or nothing to memorize ... can be performed surrounded.

YET ... you can keep the largest audience spell-bound ... shrieking with laughter ... shaking their heads in amazement ... at your incredible feats of mental telepathy.

You'll get more laughs than a comedian, yet it is a semi-serious, dignified presentation.

TELEPATHY IN ACTION is different. Never before described, based on a principle never before applied in the entertainment field. No magical skills or experience required. Only one real requirement for the performer: SELF-ASSURANCE, gained through experience in performing before groups of people. In fact, this is one presentation that may be better performed by an older person (though not a requirement).

A COMPLETE ACT IN ITSELF! Not recommended to be performed as part of any act, including magic. It will, however, work WELL with ALL other acts as part of a long show. Opens up a new field of entertainment!


  • Introduction
  • CHAPTER 1. The Mind Is Powerful!
  • CHAPTER 2. The Act: Opening Lecture
  • CHAPTER 3. The Key
  • CHAPTER 4. The Act Continues
  • CHAPTER 5. Advanced Tests
  • CHAPTER 6. "Cheeky" Tests
  • CHAPTER 7. The Climax
  • CHAPTER 8. Observations
  • CHAPTER 9. To the Demonstrator
  • CHAPTER 10. Additional Tests
  • CHAPTER 11. Conclusion

"This is REAL mentalism ... the thing others claim to be 'the next thing to'." (Dr. Spencer Thornton)

"A crowd-pleasing act, especially suitable for lecture and concert audiences." (Milbourne Christopher)

"Cannot praise this ingenious method enough! It is wonderful." (J. B. Bobo)

"One of the most unusual books we have ever read." (Don Tanner)

Magic World Publishers revised edition features three new chapters in a new, easy-to-read layout.

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