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Technique of the Private Reader by Robert A. NelsonTechnique of the Private Reader
by Robert A. Nelson

Nelson reveals the special techniques that enable psychics and mentalists to give spectacular private readings.

Successful operators are able to astound and bewilder clients with apparent facts and reason, though unbeknown to them. Where does this strange and uncanny power come from?

It's easy to "give readings," to apparently read the innermost thoughts of your subject and to chart their life from "cradle to grave," IF you possess the technique — the knowledge of how to judge your client. What to tell him or her and how to accurately read their reactions. Such is the true secret.

This book is a complete analysis and digest of successful methods of psychological readings, with two very clever methods for revealing the spectator's name.

It also contains much valuable information for those who wish to "read fortunes" privately, or in a curtained area after a regular mentalism performance. Highly recommended.

Miguel Carlini says:
"I am very much pleased with 'Technique of the Private Reader.' It is one of the best books I ever read from your firm."

Are you a Nelson collector? This title was listed as No. 501 in the Nelson Enterprises catalog.

Magic World revised and expanded edition features two added chapters plus additional updated content.

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