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The Talking Skull Book by Lester Lake and T. A. WhitneyThe Talking Skull Book
by Lester Lake and
T. A. Whitney

It talks, it answers questions, it floats, etc. The most complete treatise on the talking skull ever published.

The Talking Skull is an entertaining and versatile effect that will find a place in any magician's act.

It's as much at home in a Midnight Spook Show as it is in a straight magic routine. It plays as well on a nightclub floor as it does on television.

The Talking Skull can be performed as seriously as the occasion requires, or it can provide much-needed comic relief in between the more serious effects in your show.

There have been a number of methods for the Talking Skull released to the fraternity. They're all explored here, allowing the performer will select the type that best fits his or her particular performing environment.

For those of you who already own a Talking Skull, there are a number of tips and ideas included to put to good use in your own routine.

Also includes construction plans to build your own mechanical, one-man talking skull effect, as well as information on using electronics, should you wish to make your skull even easier to control.

Partial contents:
Meet the Skull - Another In-Audience Method - Cross-Thread Methods - Another Follow-up Method - The Skull in Armor - The Floating, Talking Skull - It's in the Bag - Other Uses for Your Talking Skull - With One Assistant - Improved Thread Control - Electromagnet Method - Plunger Method - The Skull in the Glass Case - Comedy Situation - Look, Ma, No Wires! - Mr. Bones - Norment's Talking Skull - Skull on Glass Explained - Hoffmann's Method - Publicity Angles - Additional Ideas

"The skull speaks, sings, smokes, eats, drinks and floats if you follow the suggestions in this printed booklet. Various methods also for the usual jaw-clicking (with and without assistants) and some novel presentation ideas." (Tom Bowyer)

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