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Take a Card by Jack McMillen & Judson BrownTake a Card
by Jack McMillen
& Judson Brown

This hard-to-find book of eleven clever card effects was ahead of its time and still plays well to today's audiences.

While not self-working, magicians with ordinary card ability can do them all.

The effects include:
An Instantaneous Detection; The Haunted Whisper; The Hazy Pips; From Another Deck; A Joker Location; Another Joker Location; Blowing the Pips; A New Reverse Location; Upside Down; The Phantom Pips; and a new and brilliant topsy-turvy location.

Acclaimed by close-up masters including Dai Vernon and Charlie Miller, McMillen and Brown were known as the most skillful card performers on the Pacific coast.

Those who knew them remember that they always sought originality in their work.

The dealer ads from the original (and only, until now) edition proudly stated, "If your audiences are tired of your old, often used card tricks, and if you want up-to-date card miracles, you must hasten to get this great new manuscript.

"Deceive or be deceived! If you don't work these modern card experiments first, some brother magician is certain to fool you—yes, even you—with them."

Originally sold for the equivalent of $35.00 in today's money when first released.

Magic World revised and expanded edition includes two new chapters, plus additional updates.

"Personally, we consider one trick, 'From Another Pack', worth the price asked; and there are others as good." (Wm. W. Larsen & T. Page Wright)

"The material is truly constructive, and should find a place in the working library of all magicians." (Milton A. Bridges)

"If at all interested in magic with cards, you should have this work." (Dr. A. M. Wilson in The Sphinx)

This book is offered in both digital and print editions.
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