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T.I.P.S. by Ken AllenT.I.P.S.
by Ken Allen

On a budget? Can't find audience-friendly magic at the magic shop? Then build your own with this great collection of 52 magic tips, ideas, patter and suggestions — or in other words, T.I.P.S.!

Even if you're all thumbs, the author's clear descriptions and illustrations makes it easy to craft amazing effects, props and utility items. He also reveals the source of an incredible building material, as well as finishing tips.

Magic reviewers, dealers and magicians everywhere all agree that "T.I.P.S." contains the largest collection of NEW, easy to make practical magic than books five times the price. You will, too!

Among the over 50 items, you'll find effects, tips and practical suggestions for close-up, club, platform and stage.


  1. Futuristic Hydrostatic
  2. The Weeping Queen
  3. Tip on a Cane Tip
  4. Cork-Go
  5. Banana Split
  6. Quik-Made Palming Coins
  7. Bargain Copper and Silver
  8. Link-King Klips
  9. Have A Heart
  10. A Piece of Cardboard
  11. A Pot of Glue and Thou
  12. Zippy Silk Vanish
  13. Star Trap Production
  14. Hold It!
  15. Strip Card Holder
  16. ESPecially Yours
  17. Square It
  18. E-Z-Made Trick Glasses
  19. No-Gimmick Multum In Parvo
  20. Suspend-A Glass
  21. Covered
  22. Low-Cost Prop Decorations
  23. Silk Surprise
  24. Hippity Hop Balloon
  25. Thru and Thru
  26. Second Version Thru and Thru
  27. Rocket Tie
  28. It's in the Bag!
  29. Atomized Silk
  30. The Missing Stars
  31. Bagged
  32. Emulsified
  33. The Jig is Up
  34. Brainwashed
  35. The Right Deck Switch
  36. Minute-Made Wand
  37. Capricious Wand
  38. Economy Banner
  39. It's A Screwdriver
  40. Tinkle, Tinkle, Little Coins
  41. Look Ma, No Rings
  42. Paper Money
  43. Unlucky Buck
  44. Five to Five
  45. Top Secret
  46. Silks Jubilee
  47. Foiled
  48. Bill in a Flash
  49. There's Big Money in Magic
  50. Have A Ball
  51. Robot Change
  52. Now is the Time
  53. Closing Words
  54. About the Author

  "Filled with things you can make up easily and use. Best thing in the collection, to my mind, is his 'No-Gimmick Multum in Parvo.' It's worth the price of the book." (Milbourne Christopher)

"Full of practical ideas. Make this one a must!" (Bill Larsen, Jr.)

"Material that has been audience tested and is practical. Profuse illustrations simplify the making of the effects. Our TIP is to get it!" (Richard Plough in The Linking Ring)

"One of the ideas in Ken's book, 'Top Secret,' I've added to my act. When I was editing the book, I almost asked the publishers if they would consider leaving out this one effect so I could keep it to myself, it's that good." {B. W. McCarron)

Revised and updated edition includes scores of edits, clarifications, updates, and additional material. Completely reset in new type.

This book is offered in both digital and print editions.
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(B) Get the print edition from House of Mystery Books.


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