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T-Formation by J. G. Thompson, Jr. T-Formation
by J. G. Thompson, Jr.

J. G. Thompson, Jr's fabulous master-key to card control!

From the Introduction by B. W. McCarron, "T-Formation (TF) is a monograph of card sleights that are not at all difficult for the average performer; yet they allow a nice range of performance possibilities. Forces, controls, peeks and even the versatile double lift are all given the 'Thompson treatment.' "

TF teaches the average magician or mentalist an assortment of maneuvers with cards that are easy to execute but full of deceptiveness.

In the author's words, T-Formation "enables the performer, with a minimum of effort, to perform many sleights that are basic in card magic."

Not just for magicians, in the hands of a mentalist (who may not be up to speed on many card sleights), T-Formation allows the psychic entertainer to devastate his or her audience with an ESP deck or a borrowed pack of cards, by opening up thousands of card effects that were previously beyond his/her ability.

20 photo illustrations and Thompson's step-by-step instructions make everything clear.

"If you were once frightened by a book of sleights that seemed all thumbs and fingers, you'll find T-Formation extremely easy to follow. The results may even amaze you. Well illustrated with typical [great] Thompson photography."
      (--Sid Lorraine, New Tops magazine)

Written by acclaimed author-mentalist J. G. Thompson, Jr., who brought you "My Best" and co-authored "Futuristic Foursome." This card control belongs in every performer's arsenal. Sold for entertainment purposes only. Not intended for gambling purposes.

PDF format. 29 pages + supplement. Revised and updated reprint of the 1961 first edition, includes new content, additional chapters and all text reset in crystal-clear digital type. ($6 US)

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