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Super-Psychic Mental Effects (REVISED EDITION) by Howard P. AlbrightSuper-Psychic Mental Effects
by Howard P. Albright

If you've always wanted to perform convincing psychic miracles, we highly recommend this collection of mental effects that will have your audience believing that you can read their innermost thoughts.

Albright covers the material thoroughly, and even suggests alternate approaches, allowing you to pick and choose the method that best fits your style of performance.

Best of all, every effect can be performed by the solo performer. No assistants, lobby workers or other help is required. Nor is expensive apparatus needed, either.

"The Gypsy Fortune Teller" is an ideal stunt for an intimate group and can be worked impromptu or used as the basis for other effects. Also included are "Howard's Perfect Card Divination," "Unique Telephone Test," "Psychological Discernment," "Sightless Vision," and "The Spirit Whispers" - all startlingly original and clever.

"This is mental magic you'll like. It's clean cut, savors of the supernatural and the occult, employs no apparatus, and is ideally suited for impromptu occasions. There's no question but that all of these feats will create a profound impression upon an intelligent audience."   -- John J. Crimmins

42 pages. Magic World expanded and corrected PDF, based on the 1934 edition. Contains two new chapters, new, updated content and added material. Illustrated. ($6 US)

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