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Stage Hypnotism by Kermit LeCroixStage Hypnotism
by Kermit LeCroix
As told to Syl Reilly

Contains enough material to present a full 90-120 minute stage or platform show of apparent hypnotic miracles.

These demonstrations are awe-inspiring, yet many of the individual tests contain built-in comic relief, which is a proven formula for a most entertaining performance.

This handbook contains everything you need to present the act in theatres, night clubs and casino lounges, college campuses and even on live TV.

Includes the introductory lecture, selecting the proper audience volunteers, elimination tests (leaving only the most susceptible volunteers on stage), the mechanics of the various demonstrations, patter suggestions, and more.

Learn and present the material as a feature in your current magic or mentalism show or make up a separate routine so that you can be a "double threat" with a second act to double your bookings.

Contents include:

  • Introduction to Stage Hypnotism
  • Sample Routine
  • Opening Lecture
  • Forward and Backward Test
  • The Sleep Test
  • Whirling Arms Test
  • Barnyard Test
  • ABC Lecture
  • Mice On Floor
  • Laughing Test
  • House Afire
  • Love Making
  • Mother and Baby
  • Ballpark Peanut Vendor
  • The Corn Doctor
  • Quartet
  • Horse Race
  • Closing Numbers
  • Swimming Pool
  • Bumblebees
  • Fleas Under Clothing
  • Hot or Cold
  • Flour Soup
  • Scientific Feature Tests
  • Hypnotic Blood Control
  • The Rigid Test
  • Hypnotic Surgery
  • 24 Hour Window Sleep
  • Via Radio
  • Via Telephone
  • Publicity Stunts
  • Individual Hypnotism
  • Controlled Eyelids
  • Powerless Fingers
  • The Hypnotic Thumb
  • Hypnotizing Dumb Animals
  • Recommended Titles

"Tells ALL. Anyone having a little ability as a showman can present a convincing and entertaining series of hypnotic experiments, without so much as a rudimentary knowledge of genuine hypnotic phenomena." (John Braun)

Magic World revised and updated edition.

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