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Sponge Ball Manipulation by Audley WalshSponge Ball Manipulation
by Audley Walsh

Regardless of how much you know of other sponge ball effects, you need this routine.

Nate Leipzig, Arthur Monroe and Al Baker are only a few of the many magicians who have given this effect their unqualified endorsement.

This is the routine that Wash used to fool the leading magicians at the conventions in Springfield and Bridgeport.

Audiences consider sponge ball magic the cleverest of all small effects. Balls vanish from the performer's hands and appear in the hands of spectators. The performer shows his hands empty after the vanish.

Originally sold for the equivalent of more than $41.00 in today's money!

Includes routines with two balls, three balls and four balls: diminishing, vanishing and enlarging effects. Everything is fully explained with illustrated instructions. Uses any sponge balls or cut your own from a soft sponge.

"The routines are well thought out... much easier than most items involving sleight of hand. Highly recommended"
                          (William W. Larsen, Sr.)

Magic World revised and expanded edition includes features two new chapters and an added illustration.

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