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The Spirit Is Willing by James Auer (REVISED EDITION)The Spirit Is Willing
by James Auer

A complete, fully routined act of mental magic for you to present. Patter and opening lecture included, too!

Includes an opening lecture, presentation notes, and a list of recommended reading in the mental field.

These carefully worked out and audience-tested routines include patter, too. All scripted by this newspaper editor, mentalist and weekly radio columnist.

Partial Contents:

  • Notes on Presentation
  • Opening Lecture
  • Test #1- A Conundrum in Crystal
  • Test #2- American Tel & Tel-epathy
  • Second Method for Above
  • Test #3- The Numbers Game
  • Test #4- The Spirit Is Willing
  • Test #5- Extra ESPecial
  • Test #6- The Sixth Columnist
  • Test #7- TV for Two
  • Test #8- The Ultimate Miracle
  • Second Method for Above
  • Checklist of Props
  • Recommended Reading
Mentalism plays well to adult audiences--the same audiences that sometimes turn up their noses for a standard magic act. Use this complete routine to get more bookings, or add it to your present act.

"One-man mentalism with props that can be carried in a briefcase. All good material, conscientiously presented. The reader will find something that he [or she] will use." (Goodliffe review in Abra.)

"A well-written, lucid and great book. Recommended!" (John C. Mounier)

Newly revised edition includes two additional chapters.

Format: print book.

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