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Spirit Rope Ties by S. W. ReillySpirit Rope Ties
by S. W. Reilly

If you are a magician or psychic entertainer looking for something different and exciting to add to your act, then your search is over!

The Spirit Rope Tie, long a staple of bogus spirit séances, offers the clever performer a fantastic array of performance possibilities for injecting fun, humor or mystery into his or her show.

Whether played "straight" as a recreation of a vintage spirit séance, or as a comedic effect that gets funnier with each repetition, any one of the rope ties described in the book is strong enough to be a reputation maker for you.

Reilly doesn't make the reader wade through scores of pages before getting to the heart of the matter, either. The very first tie he describes offers a lightning fast, instantaneous release method, in spite of the knots being tied by an audience volunteer!

As a bonus, included in this revised and expanded edition are several performance suggestions, including some comedy byplay ideas.

Here's a condensed listing of the material supplied:

  1. Publisherís Introduction
  2. Foreword
  3. Instantaneous Release
  4. Instantaneous Release (Second Method)
  5. Spirit Chair Tie
  6. Chair Tie Using Three Ropes
  7. Chair Escape with One Rope
  8. Mediumís Deceptive Tie
  9. Another Deceptive Tie
  10. A Clever Rope Tie
  11. BONUS: Additional Performance Ideas (B. W. McCarron)
  12. Concluding Remarks
  13. About the Author

PDF format. 28 pages + supplement. Magic World revised and corrected reprint of the 1937 S.W. Reilly Co. publication. ($7 US)

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