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Spirit Mediums Exposed by S. S. Baldwin and F. C. FlorenceSpirit Mediums Exposed
by S. S. Baldwin and F. C. Florence

A revealing look into the psychic manifestations of bogus spirit mediums, as revealed by a noted stage entertainer.

Bold? Yes. Daring? Sure. So much so that one can't help but be impressed by the audacity and methods that psychic charlatans employed to fleece their victims.

Like Houdini, Prof. Samri Baldwin was not only a gifted showman in his own right, he also led crusades in the USA and Australia to expose the methods of fraudulent clairvoyants and spirit mediums, several of which are revealed in this book.

If you're into real-life ghost busting, or you're a magician or psychic entertainer who's always wanted to host a (for fun) sťance at a haunted house, now you'll know how to go about making it an attraction that audiences will talk about years later.

Explains the secrets of Charles Fosters' "blood writing," Henry Slade's slate writing, and much more.

This book provides excellent background material to use in developing your patter; or, if you're hosting a haunted house, you can create phony "exhibits" for props that you can also use in your haunted sťance.

Also contains biographical information on Baldwin and his wife, Clara, as well as several anecdotes of their experiences and travels.

Revised reprint of the 1879 first edition includes a new chapter.

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