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Something Borrowed, Something New by Paul Curry
Something Borrowed, Something New
by Paul Curry

Back at long last is this masterpiece of close-up work featuring cards, coins and mental effects. The genius of Paul Curry lives on in this newly expanded edition.

The privately printed first edition is now a prized collector's item. When one does come up for sale, it fetches a high price. Indeed, a soft cover first edition recently sold on the big auction site for well over $100!

The tricks in this book were created, as all tricks should be, with the accent on the effect. Take a look to see what all is included:

About This Book - Introduction - Foreword - I.O.U. - Think Of A Card - Next! - Follow Me - Smoke Signals - Potpourri - Blackout - Double Prediction - Padding - Mates - Pay-Off - Pressto (sic) - Odd! - Clink! - Face to Face - Bottom Palm - Turn-Over Change - APPENDIX: A Cur(r)i-ous Prediction - About the Author - Recommended Titles

Curry also reveals his nine-part routine with a pair of playing cards (based on a simple sleight) that is a winner!

Twenty effects in all.

Here's what famous magicians have said about this book:

"Excellent tricks, clearly explained." (Leo Rullman)

"Curry explains a number of subtle and effective tricks with cards and coins suitable for the intimate show." (John Mulholland)

"Covers card, coin and mental tests, all of which are really practical and well thought out along the lines of subtlety and subterfuge. That I.O.U. effect is a 'must' pocket item." (Ted Annemann)

Revised 2022 edition, with three added chapters.

This book is offered in both digital and print editions.
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