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Silken Secrets by Geo. DeLawrence Silken Secrets
by Geo. DeLawrence

Here's an exciting look-behind-the-counter of the local magic dealer to examine many beautiful silk and handkerchief effects.

You'll learn vanishes, appearances, color changes, transpositions, solid thru solid and more. Several utility devices are explained and illustrated, as well.

This is more than a "tell all" book, as DeLawrence also includes an entertaining, 15-minute silk act that uses the very effects described!

Silks and scarves add color and glamour to any magic routine. Add them to yours, with the amazing effects and beautiful routines from this book.

Audiences will fall in love with your presentation of the "Dancing Handkerchief." They'll marvel at the "20th Century Silks." And when a borrowed handkerchief gets penetrated by an umbrella in the "Solid through Solid" mystery, they'll acknowledge that you truly are a wizard.

You owe it to yourself to add "Silken Secrets" to your library today!

"A most opportune book ... [explaining] thirty-five methods. Both the publisher and the author are to be congratulated on giving to magicians such a good thing as this book. One very important feature of the book is a Fifteen Minute Act with Handkerchiefs called 'The Silky Slicker.' Believe I'll use it myself."
      (--Dr. A. M. Wilson, The Sphinx magazine)

PDF format. 67 pages + supplement. Massively revised and expanded version of the 1921 first edition (originally titled "Miscellaneous Handkerchief Tricks"). A new chapter and twenty-seven additional illustrations were also added to this edition. ($5 US)

Silken Secrets by Geo. DeLawrence (Revised Edition) is now available for purchase at


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