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Short and Long Rope Mystery by Harold Sterling Short and Long Rope Mystery
by Harold Sterling

Looking for an audience-friendly comedy effect to liven up your magic act? We have just the thing!

Here's a hilarious rope effect that gets funnier — and more puzzling — as it goes along. Plays well on stage, TV, platform, or banquet room, yet everything packs in a briefcase.

The premise is simple. The performer invites a volunteer from the audience to cut a seven-foot length of rope in the center. But when the ends of the ropes are pulled down to verify that the ends are even, it's seen that one rope is longer than the other.

The spectator trims the ends of the rope so they’re both the same length. Once more, they are measured against each other and the ropes are still uneven. This goes on and on, with the audience roaring with laughter at the spectator’s attempts to even things up. In the end, the rope is restored.

For corporate shows, use the Balancing the Budget patter ideas (only in this edition), and invite the president, comptroller or other official up on stage to help.

Plays well, too, for kid shows, adult shows, and even for bachelor and batchelorette parties!

Uses any rope, scissors and spectator. Illustrated instructions make this easy to do. One try and it'll become your favorite trick!

"Seven minutes of fun." (Wyndham Kemp)

Magic World Publishers revised and updated edition includes five new chapters.

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