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Short Changed by Ralph Mayer Short Changed
by Ralph Mayer

A terrific audience participation effect about a famous carnival and con artist swindle.

Audiences love tricks with money. They also love to learn about swindles and cons, in order to protect themselves. This effect provides both: entertainment and a lesson.

In this clever routine, you demonstrate how easy it is to swindle the victim out of $10 for a $1 purchase. Not just a trick, but an actual scam that fleeces thousands of people every day. Don't you be one of them!

And, only in this updated edition, we supply camera-ready master images of stage bills that you can use for the effect. You can print them yourself on your home computer and printer, or have your local quick print outfit make them up for you. Best of all, you can include your advertising message on the back and use them like business cards.

The perfect effect for magicians, gambling lecturers, security officers, trainers, bunco detectives, and those who instruct others in the banking, retail, carnival and law enforcement professions.

Add another dimension to your close-up, platform, stage, or training repertoire with Ralph Mayer's Short Changed.

Note: The purchaser agrees not to use this method for illegal purposes. Sold for entertainment purposes only.

Magic World revised edition features two new chapters and five added illustrations. Edited by B. W. McCarron, former security consultant and author of "The Gambling Magician."

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