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Sharps and Flats by John Nevil MaskelyneSharps and Flats
by John Nevil Maskelyne

A fascinating look at the devices and methods used by card sharps, dishonest dice players and crooked gambling halls to bilk the innocent public.

Belongs in the working library of every gambler, magician, gambling lecturer, bunco squad detective, casino employee and player.

Includes diagrams of gimmicked roulette wheels, card holdouts, rigged dealing boxes, loaded dice, and much more.

Whether you've ever thought of giving a gambling lecture, or simply want to protect yourself from the wide variety of gambling scams, cons and cheats, this material is worth its weight in gold to you.

Common Sharpers and Their Tricks - Marked Cards - Reflectors - Holdouts - Crooked Deals, False Cuts and Other Manipulation - Collusion and Conspiracy - Cheating at Faro - Prepared Cards - Doctored Dice - Poker - Roulette and Allied Games - Purveyors of Crooked Equipment - and more!

"One of the most complete works on tricks of card sharpers." (Ellis Stanyon)

"A clever expose'." (Henry Ridgely Evans.)

Makes a great gift for that hard-to-please magician or gambling enthusiast on your list.

Sold for information only. Not to be used for any illegal purpose.

Revised edition features two new chapters. Reset in new type for ease of reading. Stiff covers, 300 pages + supplement, comb bound.

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