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Shadows in Moonlight Book Test by T. Page Wright Shadows in Moonlight Book Test
by T. Page Wright

We're proud to introduce an improved version of this fantastic book test.

A book of poems, completely examinable yet cleverly printed so you can predict not one, but two words per poem.

The chosen word may be revealed by mentalist after the selection is made by the spectator, or mailed to a local celebrity a week prior to the show as a prediction, which is opened and read from the stage (or TV) once the word has been selected.

Sold originally by the author as "The Ultimate Book Test," which sold (in today's dollars) for a whopping $73.50--and worth every penny!

  • The spectator freely chooses the poem. No force!
  • An entirely different poem on every page.
  • Poetry book may be freely examined.
  • Only the one poetry book is used.
  • Test may be repeated with a different result.
  • Will baffle magicians.
  • Suitable for parlor, club or stage.
  • Effective as a magic trick or as part of a spirit sťance routine.
  • An ideal item to keep in the library, as it is always ready for impromptu use.
  • Poetry book beautifully published on 70 lb text stock by our St. Vitus Press division.
  • Comes complete with book of poems and a separate manuscript of instructions.

"We pronounce this one of the greatest book mysteries we have ever seen. We congratulate Mr. Wright upon this wonderful effect and can say to all our readers that it is worth twice the price he asks for it." (W. W. Durbin review in the Linking Ring)

Revised edition includes a new chapter, plus separate booklet of alternate methods and subtleties.

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