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Sh-h-h! It's A Secret by Theo Annemann Sh-h-h! It's A Secret
by Theo Annemann

If mentalism is your specialty, then you must have this book!

Contains 40 brilliant pseudo-psychic demonstrations that will have your audience convinced that you truly can read minds!

Here's how Annemann described just one of the effects contained here:

THE $1,000 TEST CARD LOCATION: The only location of its kind! The performer actually NEVER touches the cards throughout the feat! Two spectators do ALL the work while the performer merely WATCHES the proceedings. One thoroughly and genuinely shuffles the deck—the other removes and replaces any card—the deck is again shuffled—the spectator who selected the card looks at them one at a time, no one else seeing the faces—suddenly the performer standing twenty-five feet away calls "STOP." THE SPECTATOR IS LOOKING AT HIS CARD!

If you think that's impressive, check out this partial listing of what else is included:

  • Call Me Up Sometime
  • The Borrowed Deck Tragedy
  • Help Wanted in the Dark
  • A Thought is Fathomed
  • Your Nose Knows
  • A Rule of Thumb
  • A Handkerchief is Selected
  • A Card is Found Once More
  • Odd Or Even, Which?
  • The Alternate Detection
  • A New Kink for the Reversing of One Card
  • Annemann's Eight-in-a-Row Location
  • Red or Black?
  • The Challenge of the Year
  • The Mind in Retrospect
  • The Five Card Thought Effect
  • The Guessing Contest
  • The Two Person Location
  • A Couple of Cards Get Together
  • The New Deal Card Code
  • The Perfect Club Slate Routine
  • Fair and Square
  • Dual Sympathy
  • Another Sympathetic Mystery
  • Triplets by Chance
  • The Last of the Think Stop Tricks
  • Your Card
  • The Tune Detective
  • The Mindreader's Dream
  • Music in the Air
  • A Quaint Happening
  • The Prophecy of Occurrence
  • The 203rd Force
  • Nickels on the Brain
  • Despair of the Devil
  • The Lady and the Gentleman
  • The Bell Mystery
  • Three Cards — Three Numbers
  • The $1,000 Test Card Location
  • Dead Men Tell No Tales
  • BONUS: Simplified "Dead Men" Method

Comments from top magicians:

"One of the finest books ever printed. Unbelievable effects, yet as usual with all Annemann ideas, they require no sleights or manipulative skills. Each trick is a stunner which you'll enjoy doing." (Mitch Kanter)

"Outstanding." (Robert A. Nelson)

"A billet reading test, 'The Mindreader's Dream,' is one of the best we have come across." (Percy Naldrett)

Are you a Nelson collector? This title was listed as No. 359 in the Nelson Enterprises Catalog.

Format: Print book. Revised edition includes three new chapters. 69 pages plus supplement. Saddle-stitched.

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