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The Secrets of Karl Germain
by Stuart Cramer

Karl Germain was a dynamic stage performer whose baffling feats of wizardry have come to life again in this must-have book.

Several of Germain's stage, club and close-up mysteries are revealed in this well-illustrated text, allowing them to be appreciated by a new generation of magicians.

Cramer explains many of Germain's feats, including Casadega Propaganda (a small Spirit Cabinet), several large Spirit Cabinets for stage performances, various types of Spirit Slate-Writing, a Spirit Seance In a Lighted Room, the Germain Handkerchief Color Change (the finest ever invented), Miss Confetti (the transformation of "exactly 3,333 bits of confetti" into a dove), the Germain Spirit Message on a Cigarette Paper, the Germain Cut and Restored String, and other gems of magic.

"One of the few places I have discovered a complete routine for the Full Light Seance and the Germain Water Jars. A must for your library." (Ray Muse)

"An extremely interesting book, very well written and beautifully produced. Fascinating reading and much excellent material." (Bruce Elliott)

"Spook manifestations, platform tricks, close-up ... the full-stage show ... still presentable today. One of the best books of the year." (Lloyd E. Jones)

The reproduction of Harry Kellar's program notes in the Memorabilia section is one of the most interesting sections of the entire publication. At the time of Germain's performance (1909) Kellar was considered the greatest and most famous magician of the English-speaking world. His notes and comments on the program at this show are highly complimentary and attested to Germain's skill and ability." (Max Underwood in The Magical Review)

Magic World revised edition includes one new feature and additional illustrations.

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