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Sealed Miracles No. 2 by Paul Curry
Sealed Miracles No. 2
by Paul Curry

Here's an expanded and updated edition of the second and final Paul Curry manuscript in the series with a pair of powerful effects that'll give you a reputation as an outstanding magician and psychic entertainer.

Both of these card miracles exhibit the brilliant methodology that you've come to expect from Paul Curry (creator of "Out of This World").

Think Of A Card
A spectator merely thinks of a card. The performer jots down the name of a card. The spectator names his card and the performer shows what he wroteŚ-it's the name of the thought-of card! A clean cut, logical effect.

This is a variation of the first effect. The method for this one involves a deck that many performers already own.

"Two more exceptionally fine card tricks in this second series. Real smart magic." (Max Holden)

"THINK OF A CARD truly approaches the ideal presentation you have long sought." (Mitchell Kanter)

"We consider FOLLOW-UP a truly ingenious method for what appears to be a miracle." (Max Andrews)

Revised 2021 edition, with three added chapters.

This book is offered in both digital and print editions.
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