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Sandsational Rope by George Sands (revised edition)Sandsational Rope
by George Sands

An entire act performed with any piece of rope!

A rope routine that is out of this world.

Completely explained in these illustrated directions. Broken down into ten, easy to master steps to make learning a breeze.

Includes patter, so you can keep your audience in stitches throughout.

As used by many professionals. A natural for the entertainer who travels light, as all you need is rope and a pair of scissors.

No magnets, rubber cement, snaps, tape, wires, black art or other gimmicks to worry about.

Use any rope.

While we typically don't link to online videos (because the links often change), here's a YouTube video of George Sands performing his Sandsational Rope routine.

  "I recommend it without hesitation." (Bill Larsen)

"Sandsational Rope is the single greatest rope routine ever created in magic!" (Neil Foster)

Magic World revised edition features three new chapters and a new illustration.

This book is offered in both digital and print editions.
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(B) Get the print edition from House of Mystery Books.


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