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Don Alan's Rubber Circus by Don Alan (revised edition)Don Alan's Rubber Circus
by Don Alan

Learn to create balloon animals to give-away as a promotion, or to sell for added income.

Creating figures from balloons isn't magic per se, but just watch the faces of children and adults alike light up when you present them with a personally-created balloon animal, hat or other memento.

Sponsoring organizations recognize the value of these “twisted critters” for advertising and promotional purposes, as well as for garnering valuable (and often free) publicity in newspapers, magazines, and print ads.

Put your own breath and fingers to good use by studying this easy-to-follow guide and create your own rubber circus!


  • About This Book
  • Foreword
  • The Rubber Circus
  • Creation of a Swan
  • More Rubber Circus Creations
  • Funny Stuff
  • Still More for the Rubber Circus
  • Bits of Business
  • What to Do with Your Balloon Act
  • Bits of Balloons
  • Tips for Balloon Workers
  • Common Balloon Types
  • About the Author
  • Recommended Titles

Magic World revised edition features two new chapters plus additional added content.

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