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Ring on Stick and Ring on Rope Routines
by Mohammed Bey
(S. Leo Horowitz)

Truly the most perfect, most baffling routines ever created for the famous, mechanical piece of magic known as the Jardine Ellis Ring.

Only once in a lifetime does such perfect routining turn up. Leo Horowitz (Mohammed Bey) spent 30 years in perfecting these presentations.

Breathtaking, smooth routines that leave an audience completely bewildered and entertained. Every move is perfectly described.

Jardine Ellis ring not supplied. You likely already have a Jardine Ellis ring in your magic tricks stash.

Now you can put this fine effect to work for you and entertain as never before possible.

Two bonus routines also included.

"I can assure you that you've never seen such real magic as you'll find in these routines by Mohammed Bey. They are by far the cleanest and most baffling of all those I've seen." (John J. Crimmins)

Magic World revised edition adds four new chapters to this outstanding work.

This book is offered in both digital and print editions.
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