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The Right Way to Do Wrong by Harry Houdini The Right Way to do Wrong
by Harry Houdini

In this fascinating book, Harry Houdini, world famous escape artist and magician, turns the tables by exposing the methods of con men, cheats, grifters and scam artists.

Also includes a chapter about the life and escapades of Houdini.

The twenty chapters provide lots of informative (and sometimes amusing) reading.

  • Preface
  • Chapter 1: Income of a Criminal
  • Chapter 2: Professional Burglary
  • Chapter 3: Difficulties of a Burglary
  • Chapter 4: Burglar’s Superstitions
  • Chapter 5: Thieves and Their Tricks
  • Chapter 6: The Aristocrat of Thievery
  • Chapter 7: Pickpockets at Work
  • Chapter 8: Beggars and Deadbeats
  • Chapter 9: Begging Letter Swindles
  • Chapter 10: Tricks of Bunco Men
  • Chapter 11: The Game of Wits
  • Chapter 12: Fake! Fake! Fake!
  • Chapter 13: Bogus Treasures
  • Chapter 14: Famous Swindles
  • Chapter 15: The Fair Criminal
  • Chapter 16: The “Brace” Game
  • Chapter 17: Cheating Uncle Sam
  • Chapter 18: Humbugs
  • Chapter 19: Houdini
  • Chapter 20: Conclusion
  • About the Author
  • Recommended Titles

The text and illustrations have been lightly edited in this edition, making this much easier to read than the many "warts and all" scanned versions that others are selling.

"A quick and amusing read. How you use the nefarious information is entirely your business." (G. Fajuri)

"Best of its kind ever presented" (Conjuror's Monthly)

Magic World Publishers revised edition features a new chapter, plus additional new content.

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