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The Restless Spook by Gordon M. Howatt (REVISED EDITION)The Restless Spook
by Gordon M. Howatt

A brilliant collection of 17 entertaining magical effects for you to perform.

Complete plans for making, learning and presenting:

  • THE PENETRATING RIBBON—thru the back of the hand, visibly!
  • THE UNPREDICTABLE DIE—a 3" die vanishes, appears, changes color, vanishes again, changes color again, and reappears.
  • GOOFUS—a string with eight ends. Both pocket and stage versions. Can also use this method to make your own Prof. Cheer's Comedy Rope Trick.
  • RIBBON THRU THE BODY—with a single length of ribbon.
  • ARCHIMEDES' WELL—a visible production.
  • A BORROWED DECK—a hank, and a rubber band is all you need to make great magic.
  • MAGICAL INTERLUDE—a comedy routine for any act.
  • PERFECT PRESTIDIGITATION—anyone can manipulate coins with this idea.
  • COLOR DIVINATION—eyeless vision with ten colors. Would sell for ten dollars anywhere.
  • MENTAL CONTROL OF THE PHYSICAL—six silks obey the audience’s commands.
  • PSYCHIC BOOK OF MATCHES—they change color and predict a card.
  • LEFT TO RIGHT, WITH A GLASS OF MILK—a transposition.
  • COLOR CHANGING RIBBONS—brought up to date.
  • THE EXAMINABLE EGG BAG—with a surprise finish.
  • THE RESTLESS SPOOK—vanishes from his shroud, snatches the shroud with him, exchanges it for the altar candle, goes back to rest, with the candle, in his coffin! A miniature illusion. This would sell for $100 from a "bizarre magick" shop.
  • EGG TRIO—three eggs dropped into a bag, appear one at a time in a glass.
  • TOPSY TURVY CIGARETTE— end over end without end.
There you have hundreds of dollars worth of refreshingly new magic, all explained in this one great book.

"Not 'Spook Magic' as the title implies but full data on how to make, learn and present seven new tricks that you will like and use."   (Mitch Kanter)

"We don't know when we last read as many cute stunts and twists as Howatt has incorporated. Get it by all means." (Bruce Elliott)

"Three effective, fairly easy and unusual effects. With proper showmanship, each trick should be sensational."   -- John Mulholland, The Sphinx

Fully illustrated. Newly revised edition includes three additional chapters.

Format: print book.

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