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The Real Secret of Ventriloquism by Harold Sterling & T. A. WhitneyThe Real Secret of Ventriloquism
by Harold Sterling
& T. A. Whitney

Become a ventriloquist for fun or profit, using the secrets revealed in this easy-to-understand booklet.

Many performers have tried to learn ventriloquism for years without stumbling onto the real secret, as revealed by the authors.

Includes a tried and proven comedy dialogue to get you started.

Makes a great side hustle to augment the income from your regular job. Will you be the next Jeff Dunham, Paul Winchell or Edgar Bergen? You'll never know until you try.

Learn this fascinating art to break the ice at parties and gatherings, as a career, or strictly for fun. This is the handbook to get you started!

Originally offered at the equivalent of $12.50.

Print edition. Magic World revised and expanded edition features ten added illustrations and eight new chapters.

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