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RaMayne's Spirit Manfestations by Robert A. NelsonDr. RaMayne's Spirit Manifestations
by Robert A. Nelson
(writing as Dr. Korda RaMayne)

Weird, eerie and baffling pseudo spirit manifestations are easy to accomplish with very little preparation or expense, once you know how!

That was the first line of Nelson's catalog ad for this nearly impossible to find manuscript, detailing the methods of fake mediums and con artists who presented seances to bilk the public.

Why is this title so hard to find? Primarily because it was only advertised in three of the Nelson Enterprises catalogs. Some feel that the methods were used to spawn new fraudsters, instead of being used to inform the innocent public. Others believe that Nelson was pressured to take it off the market.

Whatever the reason, this historical, instructional textbook for hosting your own spooky seance is once again available. Here, in Nelson's own words, is what the manuscript contains:

Dr. RaMayne, eminent authority on Pseudo-spiritism, here reveals many of the inner secrets of the 'spook parlors,' including a few of the never-before revealed effects.

The full range of spirit manifestations are discussed, explained and amplified in this work, including manifestation and ghost effects, Spirit Light, new sound effects, 'bees,' slate writing, ectoplasm, materialization and a bevy of luminous effects.

Supplementing the strange revelations of the Spirit parlor is a section devoted to spirit tricks, materializations, etc., with ordinary luminous paint. This section is most complete and should prove of immense value to the ghost worker.

Are you a Nelson collector? This was listed as Item Number 156 in the Nelson Enterprises catalog. Now you can fill that missing spot in your collection.

PDF format. 33 pages + supplement. Magic World expanded and corrected reprint of the original 1942 Nelson Enterprises edition. All text has been reset in crystal-clear type. Includes added artwork that was left out of the first edition. ($10 US)

Dr. RaMayne's Spirit Manfestations is available for purchase at


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