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Psychic Revelations by Joe Ovette Psychic Revelations
by Joe Ovette

Here's a real treasure that you likely won't find anywhere else. It's a tell-all exposé of psychic mediums and their methods of hoodwinking the public.

Originally published circa 1928, this revised edition cleans up the text and is now in convenient book form, instead of its original, hard-to-read, cheaply mimeographed manuscript format

Ovette, who performed as the psychic entertainer "Mar-Jah," reveals how phony psychics advertised, effects they would use to prove their abilities, how rooms were obtained, and effects performed during the traditional séance.

While the majority of the contents are devoted to the secrets of spirit mediums, many of the methods can be put to use by psychic entertainers and magicians, too.

This is a book that belongs on the bookshelf of every conjuror, mentalist, bunco detective, and historian, no matter what his or her specialty.

Partial contents:

  • Making a Name for Yourself
  • Crystal Gazing Supreme
  • Psychic Practice and Advertising
  • Handling the Sitters
  • Questions and Answers
  • The Psychic Field in General
  • Readings by Appointment
  • The Comeback Plan
  • Readings and How to Give Them
  • New Era Crystal Reading
  • The Missing Person Ruse
  • The Skeleton System
  • Framework for Building Readings
  • Sample Reading Using the Skeleton System
  • The Trumpet Seance
  • Visions in the Crystal
  • How Mediums Hide Behind Religion . . . and more.

"The cold reading method revealed here is worth more than the price of the book!"
(B. W. McCarron)

Magic World revised and updated edition with two new chapters.

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