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Practical Telepathy by Joe Ovette Practical Telepathy
by Joe Ovette

Have you wanted to add a Q&A or thought reading segment to your present act and want to learn the real work from a performer who's earned a living from mentalism?

Or are you a magician who is considering getting into the mental field, but unsure where to begin?

Working pro Joe Ovette reveals all in this revised and updated classic that belongs on every psychic entertainer's bookshelf.

  • Pre-show work without clipboards
  • Billet switches
  • When to use stock questions
  • Sensational Q&A
  • 100 Audience-tested answers
  • Uplifting answers
  • Confederates
  • History of Q&A acts
  • Plans and schemes for office work
  • A clever ballot switch box
  • Actual script from two-person code act
  • Prof. Powers' methods revealed
  • Seance and second-sight effects
  • Mentalism with slates
  • Illusions
  • Supplement: additional ideas for the psychic worker
  • Advertising examples

Are you a Nelson collector? This was listed as Item Number 245 in the Nelson Enterprises catalog. Now you can fill that missing spot in your collection.

The revised and expanded edition has been completely reset in new type, with edits, updates and corrections by fellow mentalist B. W. McCarron.

Hard bound copies have sold for over $100. Now you can add this revised and updated edition to your library for far less.

This book is offered in both digital and print editions.
(A) Get the digital edition from, or

(B) Get the print edition from House of Mystery Books.


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