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Phantini's Lost Book of Mental Secrets by Gene Grant (Third Edition)Phantini's Lost Book of Mental Secrets
by Gene Grant

If you're a mentalist or magician, looking to add world-class mental effects to your act, your search has ended.

Gene Grant, the author of Phantini's CONTACT, releases 19 of his most brilliant mental presentations using books, magazines, paper billets, envelopes, playing cards and more that will allow you to perform unbelievable demonstrations of apparent mindreading.

All are one-man effects. Many can be performed close-up for intimate audiences, while others will play great for platform and theater stage, as well as on TV.

This is the third edition, revised (again) to bring it up to date, and adds even more content.


  • A Miracle Mental Routine
  • Message Reading Without a Clue
  • Image-Ray
  • Remoto
  • Psychia
  • Telemento
  • Psychia-Trik
  • Million Dollar Sealed Message Test
  • Mental Music
  • The Ghostly Hand
  • Challenge Dollar Bill Test
  • Psychic Phone Book Test
  • Phantini's Magazine Miracle
  • Miracle Design Duplication
  • Delphic Divination
  • Projecto
  • Shades of Cassandra
  • A Graphic Impression
  • Miracrypto
  • Variation on Effects
  • About the Author

"I was especially struck by the clever subtleties employed in 'Remoto', one of the message reading acts, and 'Delphic Divination', a prediction."
          --J. G. Thompson, Jr.

"If mentalism is your meat, here is a choice serving of well-prepared morsels both rare and well done."
          --Milbourne Christopher

PDF format. 54 pages plus supplement. Revised and expanded reprint of the 1955 Ed Mellon edition. Corrected and updated with four new chapters and more. ($15.00 US)

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