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Performing Fleas by George Tollerton Performing Fleas
by George Tollerton

A printed booklet giving full routine and presentation of this funny burlesque piece for use by magicians, emcees, comedians, and public speakers.

There's room for this routine in most any act: wherever you need to break the ice or simply add laughs.

Makes a great interlude between acts on a variety bill, too.

Suitable for any occasion and always ready.

The Performing Fleas routine is more fun than a barrel of monkeys. You can do it without the need of assistants, trapdoors, mirrors, or special scenery.

Everything you need will fit in your coat pockets.

Perhaps best of all is that you don't even need to feed your retinue of Fleas! And you surely canít say that about the rest of your troupe, can you?

Yes, it's a show that packs small and plays big. Your audience will have a ball... and they'll be itching for more!

Originally sold for the equivalent of $21.50 in today's money when first released.

Magic World Publishers revised and expanded edition includes three new chapters.

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