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Peek at a Card by Eddie Joseph Peek at a Card
by Eddie Joseph

Seventeen startling card tricks that are not only easy of accomplishment but are 100% mystery. They're all eye-poppingly good!

Any one trick would be cheap at the price of the entire book.

The original selling price of the first edition—now a valuable collectible—was the equivalent of $23.00 in today’s money.

Use your own cards (none supplied).

Partial contents:

  1. Under Cover
  2. The Peek Drop Elimination
  3. I Saw It, I'm Sure
  4. The Three Cards Mental Test
  5. From the Pocket
  6. Comb It
  7. The Reversed Card
  8. Invisible Flight
  9. Sensitive Touch
  10. One in Fifty-Two
  11. Deck and Ribbon
  12. Peek Penetration
  13. A Peculiar Find
  14. The Aerial Discovery
  15. The Three Cards
  16. The "Mel-Phobia" Mystery

Format: Printed book. Magic World updated and expanded edition features two new chapters.

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