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Paul Rosini's Magical Gems by Rufus SteelePaul Rosini's Magical Gems
Compiled by Rufus Steele

No card expert will want to pass up this book of Rosini's tricks, sleights and routines, which has been expertly compiled and written by Rufus Steele.

Features 40 of Paul's favorite tricks, complete with patter. These are the highlight effects from his night club act.

Originally issued several years ago in a limited edition of 1000 copies, now this informative work is available in a newly revised edition for all magicians who wish to improve their craft.

This edition edited by Robert Parrish and Leon Haines, with a foreword by John Braun.


  • Introduction (Leon Haines)
  • Foreword
  • Paul Rosini (John Braun)
  • The Life Saver Trick
  • Was It There?
  • Somewhere in the Deck
  • Hold My Wrist (Al Leech)
  • A Card in Flight
  • The Card Under the Hand
  • You Put It In
  • Change in Hand
  • The Fair Count (Joe Berg)
  • Two Decks-Red and Blue
  • Impossible
  • Reflection
  • Poker Prediction and a Principle (Ed Marlo)
  • The Card That Went to Pieces (Bill Simon)
  • Coin and Pencil (Theo Bamberg)
  • Card Through Handkerchief
  • Daub
  • Complete Cover
  • Indicator Card
  • A Comedy Card Trick
  • The Card Through the Case
  • Your Number-Your Card
  • Rosini's Favorite Trick
  • Do a Trick
  • The One-Armed Magician (Jack Chanin)
  • The Coin Star (Al Leech)
  • Ace Delusion (Paul LePaul)
  • Skidoo
  • A Sure Thing
  • The Best Prediction
  • Prediction Variation ("Chic" Schoke)
  • The Cigarette Trick
  • Impressive Card
  • The Peek Trick
  • Aceo-Changeo
  • A Card Turns Over
  • Follow Your Card
  • Okito Card Control… and a Trick (Theo Bamberg)
  • Kings and Queens
  • Double Reverse
  • Purely Mental
  • While I Turn My Back
  • Easy Enigma (Harry Blackstone)
  • The Ten of Diamonds
  • With a Short Card
  • Aces Running Wild
  • Secret Writing
  • A Guess That Is Right
  • Repeating a Good Guess
  • The Homing Aces (Arthur Buckley)
  • Tap
  • About the Author
  • Recommended Titles
  • Raves and Accolades

"Will delight any magician who wants subtle, out of the ordinary effects which audiences like. An excellent book." (John Mulholland)

"Pet tricks of a fine performer." (Paul Fleming)

"Read these four dozen tricks over, study them, try them out following the outline as Rosini presented them. Many of these are real masterpieces; in the minds of the audience, they're miracles." (John J. Crimmins, Jr.)

Magic World Publishers revised edition features a new chapter and added illustrations.

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