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Patriotic Magic by Solomon SteinPatriotic Magic
Compiled by Solomon Stein

Show love for your country, audience or corporate sponsor by adding one or more patriotic effects, tips or suggestions to your program.

No one person could have invented so many effects. Solomon Stein, the author of "Magic, Maestro, Please," reached out to the best minds in magic to bring you this fine collection of audience-pleasing magic.

As B. W. McCarron notes in the introduction, audiences like to feel that they are involved in a performance. By showing your audience that you care, you are going the extra mile that will result in more and better paying shows for you.

Patriotic effects make excellent photo opportunities to display in your press package and promotional mailings, too!

A whopping 22 tricks, routines and ideas are described, including one of the nicest color-changing liquids effects that we've seen in any book, regardless of size!

"Patriotic Magic is full of timely tricks, suggestions, and some good comedy — real stuff that can be used to advantage by any performer." (Ralph W. Read)

"Good effects, suitable for a variety of performances. The book gives tricks to magicians that will help bring out the patriotism of their audience." (The Sphinx review)

Magic World revised edition features important edits, clarifications, illustrations and updates.

This book is offered in both digital and print editions.
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