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Off the Beaten Path by Wilbur Kattner (REVISED EDITION)Off the Beaten Path
by Wilbur Kattner

Looking for something a little bit different in magic? Here are 14 card and general magic ideas with the accent on novelty and practicability.

Wilbur Kattner, the mastermind behind such ingenious effects as The Shattering Flask and The Prolix Spirit Writes, has filled the pages of this book with conjuring that deserves a place in your program.

Contains Orville Meyer's Restless Colors, and the torn corner effect, CLIMAX!, which won the Caryl Fleming Gold Medal Award for the author.

Also included is a complete explanation of how to make Daub ala Meyer, a marketed product for card magicians, which has since found its way up the sleeves of professional gamblers.

All this, plus many "reverse" printed deck tricks you will enthuse over.

But don't take our word for it. Read what magicians and reviewers have to say about "You're On!"

"Card tricks for the jaded magician and the tired spectator. A refreshingly new slant."   --Lloyd E. Jones

"I particularly liked a miniature card idea and a slate writing effect with lettered cards."   --Dariel Fitzkee in Genii magazine

"Orville Meyer's method of preparing daub is explained. It should find favor in the eyes of those who make use of this ruse."   --J. G. Thompson, Jr.

PDF format. 36 pages + supplement. Magic World revised and expanded reissue of the 1947 first edition, featuring three new chapters and important updates and clarifications not included in the original printing. ($6 US)

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