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Numerology for Everybody by MontroseNumerology for Everybody
by Montrose

Discover the fascinating subject of Numerology and see what your personal numbers reveal about you!

This book is an excellent introduction to the fascinating world of numerology. With no special equipment or training, the student can use the methods revealed in this handbook to determine if his or her date of birth is considered "lucky" or if their name or address used in correspondence or business carries a favorable impression on others.

The author also identifies common personality traits associated with specific numbers, allowing the reader a unique opportunity for introspection. If the user observes that his birth path or destiny numbers show a tendency for an undesirable trait or possible future, he can take steps to change his behavior in the present, so as not to negatively affect his future.

An extraordinary feature of this textbook is the author's research into the examples of living entities in the last chapters. We invite the reader to take note of how closely the birth path and other numbers correctly revealed the future destinies of these famous people. It's examples such as these that will cause the student to rethink his or her personal bias towards "fortune telling" in general and numerology in particular.

We're certain that you'll find this book to be of interest, as it tears aside the curtain that has previously shrouded the destiny of numbers contained within the Quaballah.

This is a must-have book for any mentalist or other psychic entertainer who also sells Numerology-related pitch books at his or her performances. By having a background in this fascinating subject, the performer will gain much insight and confidence when providing paid readings for clients.

PDF format. 141 pages + supplement. Revised reprint of the 1945 second edition. Includes new and corrected information. All text has been reset in crystal-clear digital type. $6

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